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Shipping policy


Delivery is normally made within a maximum of 60 days from the date of the order confirmation.

However, delays may occur for reasons related to the customisation of products, unforeseen circumstances or the delivery area.

If we are unable to meet the delivery date for any reason, we will inform you and offer to either continue the purchase process, amend the order with a new delivery date, or cancel your order and refund the full amount you have paid.


If we are unable to deliver your order, we will endeavor to find a secure location for your package. If we cannot find a secure location, your order will be returned to our shop.

With the exception of bespoke products, if the order has still not been delivered or collected, for reasons for which we are not responsible, after a period of 90 days from the date your order was available for delivery, we will assume that you wish to terminate the Contract and it will be terminated. As a result of the termination of the Contract, we will refund to you all amounts paid, including delivery charges (except for any additional charges for choosing a delivery method other than the cheapest ordinary delivery method offered by us), as soon as possible and in any event within 14 days of the Contract being deemed to have been terminated. Please note that we will be entitled to charge you for any additional transport costs incurred as a result of the termination of the Contract.

The cancellation does not apply to orders for custom-made products, so that in the event that delivery (or collection from the shop) is not possible, such custom-made products will be stored in the shop for a period of 6 months, during which they can be collected, without the possibility of reimbursement. After the 6-month period, these custom-made products will be destroyed and can no longer be claimed.